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Creator of Embodiment. My interview with Chris McCarthy.

Chris McCarthy, a leo, born in San Francisco on August 1st 1989 is a true inspiration, dancer and Creator of Embodiment.

Chris born in San Fran was raised in Miami, Florida and has since relocated to Paris, France.

Not only did he start his dancing career at a very young age, but he has also overcome such great obstacles.

Never allowing anything to get in his way and always moving forward towards what he knows to be his true destiny. To dance.

Chris moved out of his home and set off to New York and went at it alone at the tender age of 16, although, he admits his life never really took off until he was 20yrs old.

Chris, always moving forward, hit a hard STOP on November 2018, when he fell terrible ill with a case of Cryptococcal Meningitis

Here we have some of the interview on Chris, telling us a little of this horrible experience and how he overcame it all.

So Chris, tell us a little bit of what happened in November 2018-

Chris : “In November  2018 I fell sick of horrible case of Cryptococcal Meningitis. I was reduced to nothing. I could not move, or speak properly. This hurt my ego bad and I lost so much money so fast. It was so difficult.”

That must have been extremely difficult, especially for a dancer. Tell us how this affected you physically and mentally?

Chris : ” Physically I was at square one again. Trying to reconnect my nervous system. The act of just walking straight again. Keeping my balance. Learning and starting over everything AGAIN. Mentally it was very hard for me and I suffered a lot because I didn’t know what to do. I felt like i was still at a young age, now at 30 yrs old I have reached great success since then. I am grateful for every day I wake up and the family and friends I have. This illness changed the way I look at life, how I appreciate what I do and how my love is IMPORTANT.”

What an inspiration that you came out of this with such a strong sense of gratitude. Tell us a little bit of how you feel today-

Chris : “Today there is still a lot more to do, progress to be done. Physically, mentally and emotionally. But I do feel stronger than the day before and I feel a sense of calm in my heart and in my soul! I am making more money than I did before and I feel grateful for all of this everyday.”

Chris, you have done some great things since November 2018. Tell us about your dance world and your new dancing technique.

Chris : “My dance career is a special one. I was always working hard and staying strong about my ideas and this worked in my favor. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way but in my case it did. Since then, I have experienced Broadway, unforgettable events, TV, movies, I have even created a new method of dance called Embodiment. 6 yrs ago I created the first acting class of Embodiment for dancers.Working and training the active imagination, and being more aware of how we do the steps we do at any age.”

In your opinion, is there an ideal age to start dancing?

Chris : “No age. If your passionate about it and work hard, If it is meant for you then it’s meant for you.”

Chris, this is your true passion, you have done so much for the world of dance. What is something you’ve done in the past in your career as a dancer, that you feel is one of your favorite things to look back on?

Chris : “I think looking back, for me, some of my greatest memories is having the privilege to dance for Prince and Celine Dion.”

Wow, I think dancing for Prince and Celine Dion would be the greatest moments for anyone in this business! Chris, it has been great talking with you and we all think you

really are a great inspiration and a great story of overcoming any obstacle. We thank you for your time and have one last question, we are a style blog after all, tell us, what is your favorite brand and or designer?

Chris : “I love VINCE and definitely DIOR. I absolutely love their mens wear, it just fits me so well!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We wish you the best and hope you wish you many more accomplishments.