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Falling in Love in NYC… again!

Hi beautiful people.

I decided to work on a blog and share with you my experiences on every city I go and talk about everything that is  on my mind.

I have Been quiet for awhile,

I was posting mostly about work and less emotions and more about fashion,  I want to connect with you all and  share my experiences.  I’m also gonna talk about the  reason I turned Vegan and anything you guys want to talk about.

First post will be about NEW YORK CITY.

New York was one of the first cities I have visited in the USA and one of the most interesting  chapter of my life, I remember walking for hours and dreaming of all the things I wanna have in life I was 24 years old  with big dreams.

9 years later here I am 33 years old walking around the streets of Manhattan and falling in LOVE again, so much happened all those years and here I am again walking those streets with bigger dreams than ever.

The energy in NYC is something that you can’t describe in words! It’s something you all have to feel one day.   Yes, it’s the best to travel with friends and people you love but you MUST have one day alone and wonder around the city. So many cool spots everywhere you go, the restaurants and bars are always busy with cool people and cool fashion.

This trip wasn’t about running from one location to another it was more of connecting with my best friends and enjoy the little things,  going back to all the spots every tourist go but with my best friends, here are my thoughts.

TIME SQUARE  – thousand of people walking and taking photos but of what ? Lots of lights and commercials there is nothing really to see there, it’s more of one huge commercial add of some of the biggest brands in the world, don’t spend too much time there, take some photos, post one story and move on.  there’s is so much more to see In the city.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE – start at the Manhattan side And cross the bridge to Brooklyn side to see all the view of Manhattan, breathtaking view and crazy energy. Shahar Eliran  and I found this cute restaurant and we had a vegan bowl, I was happy to see that every restaurant has some vegan options, I am very committed to my new diet and happy to see all the options everywhere I go.


RUE57 First day I went to  which is French restaurant on W53rd st NY 10019, service was amazing and fast! I ordered mushroom salad with French fries and Lychee martini they didnt have too many vegan options but everything  i ordered was delicious, beautiful place to seat and eat and enjoy quality time with my friends

PURE GREENS – pressed juices, smoothies , Acai bowels And avocado toast. lately I have been eating a lot of avocado toast, really healthy and almost every place I go have that option,

SANT AMBROEUS – the host wasn’t  nice  but the manager fixed the issue and made sure we got a good service. I meet up with my friend Francisco which was one of my first customers since I started my brand and he also walked my fashion show in LA fashion week on 2015. was so good to catch up and see where is life taking us… Francisco pointed Kaia Gerber walking inside the restaurant. SOHO Manhattan is definitely a  place  you want to walk around And explore.


After lunch Fransisco and I meet with Nico G ( we walked around Manhattan for one hour and took some cool photos of my new fall/winter  collection (click here to see the new styles)


Metro! really easy to get anywhere around with the metro, Don’t make my mistakes and take Uber in Manhattan, the driver gonna take a long time to arrive and a long time to arrive to the destination. Search your address in the Google map and it will show you the fastest way to arrive, how to walk to the nearest metro stop  what number or letter  and when to exit. My advice for you is to talk around the city and explore new spots .

I had a lot of fun walking around the city and connect with  my friends my next stop  is  Paris and than from there  to Israel to celebrate my brother Wedding, really excited for that. I’m going to see all my family in one place after so many years ( 11 years) . It’s going to be really emotional trip.

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