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How i Make my daily Smoothie with Abel Pirela.

Teaching Abel Pirela my vegan smoothie number 2

I decided to start something new, i will be teaching my friends how they can go vegan and still get enough Protein and all the nutrition your body need.

First Abel Pirela will be trying my second favorite smoothie and teach me Spanish at the same time. I love languages and i know some Spanish but i meed to practice.

  1. Spinach – Espinaca (Half a cup)
  2. Strawberries – Fresas (2)
  3. Celery – Apio
  4. Blueberries – Mora azules
  5. Kale – (Half a cup)
  6. Ice -Hielo – (Half a cup)
  7. Banana
  8. Vegan Protein by “Pure Protein”
  9. Oat meal – less than quarter of a cup
  10. Almond milk by “Simle Truth”
  11. Walnuts – Nueces (4)
  12. MIX it all and you got a yummy healthy Vegan smoothie

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