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How Vegan saved my life…

A year ago i started to have really weird pain on my foot…

In this video i explain  how Vegan
saved my life!
I can not believe that it been
almost a year.
2018 was very challenging. 
I lost my ability to talk.
I started to have some really
scary health issues.
It made me to do the best thing
i could have done in my life.
Going Vegan.

Please watch the video and tell me what you guys think? 

Today a year later
I look on life in  a different way.
I am happy that i can walk and run again.
I thought i will never be able to walk again.
It took me 7 months to do detox my body.
Another 3 months to be able to start running.
I will never take anything for granted!
You wake up in the morning, you can walk,
you can talk, you can hear, you can see... 
You can loose any of that any moment
It made me realize how lucky we are!
How we do not appreciate things till we loose them.
I am very grateful that i can walk again!
If you are having a rough day 
Remind your self the good things in your life.
SAY IT OUT LOUD  its gonna make you feel better. 
Please watch the movie to understand. 


PLEASE WATCH IT! Do not be ignorant 
like i was.
I did not want to see 
what i should have seen years ago.
Watching that made me understand what the  doctors
been telling me.
I went to see 5 doctors 
4 of them just by looking at it
told me its looking like gout symptoms.

GOUT ? do you know whats Gout ?  let me make it easy for you click on the next link.

God this was scary and unreal
Thank god I watched the movie on time
I cut off all animal products right after watching the movie.
This is the one of the best things I have done in my life!!! NO DOUBT.

NO MEDICATION! following a vegan diet got me healthy again ! 

I was so into it at first, 
I did detox, No alcohol, No coffe
No Animal Products, No Eggs, No Milk.
I stopped drinking Soda.
lots of greens and learning how to be vegan. 
It was not  easy at first but i got it very quick.
I am still learning every day.
At first you are missing the texture of the meat. 
Remember its all in your head.
I use to eat a lot of meat. 
Writing this make me feel bad. 
How was i doing it not thinking of the poor animals? 
Not thinking for a second that is not healthy? 
How so many people do not stop for one second to think 
How bad is this for our heath? 
Please watch What the health"  
just because we grew up eating that and been told
that is OK it does not it mean this is OK.

I share my story hoping that i can help others to understand 
what i did not  want to understand
till it messed up my health. BIG TIME.
Not able to Run, walk, or even stand up on two feet. 
3 Month i was showering seating down.
Crying at night like a baby.
Being so active running, jumping, Hiking and 
one day not be able to walk ???? to stand???
I do love animals so much.
I do not  think they should be food!!! 
Its so crazy for me thinking about it today. 
In today world we do not  need to eat animals in order to survive. 

PLEASE Comment what you think ? and what would you want me to blog about next ? 

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