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Joshua tree.

Feb 19 Alexis Salgues and i drove to JT to shoot Summer 2019 Collection.

On April there is 3 big music festivals in California.
  • Coachella – Coachella valley
  • Stagecoach – Coachella valley
  • White Party -Palm Sprigs
I was in Coachella for the past 5 years and 
white party for the past 9 years. 
Both its something you have to experience
at-list  one time in your life. 
I have never been to Stagecouch yet i hope one day soon 
to  experience that too.
You probably  asking how is connected with Joshua tree? 
Well Joshua tree, Coachella Valley and Palm springs are
next to each other withe similar desert vibe. 
we decided to drive to Joshua tree and shoot the New Collection/
It was so cold, it was snowing on the mountains because its winter 
time here in California. It didn't stopped us from shooting.
the heater was on high heat, 15 Minutes shoot than going inside the 
car to warm up and some if the shots i was naked so imagine how cold.

Joshua tree is about two hours drive from LA, if you ever want to visit
while visiting in California you can either drive early and to to the 
National park or better is to rent a little house or cabin. 
there is a unique one by Folly  Collection which were we shot some
of the 2019 Collection

Joshua Tree National Park.

I have been there another time with my friend Robby and Doobie we drove to the park and we did it in 3 hours include a little hike. I recommend to spend half a day or full day there. take some snacks take water and go for a hike and explore the park such a beautiful place read more about the park

This is my favorites  looks for 2019 music festival season 
I really want to know you guys opinion comment bellow 
and share if you care.
Tap on the photo to see more of the product.
Coachella look
Second look
Number 1 seller LOW IN STOCK
Disco Tank and Black pants

i rather go naked than wear fur

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  • Damian Michaelis says:

    So sexy… the designs would certainly not look as good without you in them. Don’t get me wrong, the clothes are hot and so are you with such pleasure you bring a smile to me all the time. Thank you for giving me your best!

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