2024 Calendar limited edition

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I wanted to share my journey that all began with an idea while staying at Axel Beach Miami – Men and Fruit. The world of physique captivated me from the age of 5, always immersed in the fitness world. I deeply appreciate individuals with impressive physiques as it reflects dedication, hard work, and mental and physical motivation. The models I’ve chosen, including Steve Owen, Rodrigo Scooben, Dom, Anthony, Anderson, Pierre Carlitos Will, Dany, and Damian, are not only inspiring in terms of their physique but also embody a universe full of stories, worldly travels, and beautiful personalities from different countries.

Each month comes with one empowering manifestation affirmation mixed with 12 special photos from the photoshoot for the gallery.Each of them holds a fruit, and since turning vegan, my appreciation for fruit has grown immensely. It’s colorful, alive, and brings life to everything—the house, the colors, the sweetness—gifts from Mother Earth, the real gold. In a world where people chase material things, I wanted to convey that fruit represents life for me. So, I created a gallery that will soon be available online, and currently, you can see it at Axel Beach Miami. The artworks are available on acrylic or fine art paper.

I’m also grateful to host events for Art Basel week Miami , bringing different artists from around the world to showcase their talents. Along this journey, I’ve learned a lot and am incredibly grateful for the experience. This 2024 calendar offers a sneak peek into the full gallery, with limited copies available soon.




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11 x 8.5 Inch