Fruit of temptaion


Welcome to the “Men and Fruit” gallery. The first person I photographed for this collection was Steve Swish. A beautiful, smart, funny, and kind man, Steve became the “grapes man” of this series.

I had a lot of doubts before starting this project. The ideas were clear in my mind, but bringing them to life felt a bit daunting. When I shared my concept with friends, they didn’t quite understand. “What? A gallery featuring men and fruit?” they’d ask. But I was determined. I had a vision.

I began approaching models, and Steve was the first to say, “Yes, Maor, I’m in.” We bought grapes and went to Axel Hotel in Miami Beach for the shoot. The first series turned out beautifully. I’m so grateful to Steve for believing in my work and allowing me to create.

Later, I presented this collection at Art Basel, held at Axel Hotel. The gallery is still available at the Axel Hotel lobby bar. This series will be released in limited editions. You can choose to have the prints on either paper or acrylic. Both options are stunning and depend on what you want to achieve with your interior decor.

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